What a Content Marketing Team Does

This study shows that of the companies that still do not invest in content marketing, they do not do so because they do not have time or do not have a team available and fully responsible for that strategy. Therefore, if you need to set up a content marketing team in your company, but you are not sure where to start, read on to understand what the ideal structure of a marketing department is, who are the professionals who are going to act in it. area of ​​the company, what are their functions and what relationship should the team have with other areas of the company. SEO analysts.

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the basis of content marketing strategy. In this way, it is essential to have SEO analysts in your content marketing team, even because investing in good professionals and a good SEO strategy costs buy email database less and brings better long-term results than betting on paid media. Therefore, SEO analysts are responsible for generating visits, that is, traffic to your company's blog, from search engines. Therefore, the SEO analyst has 4 functions and perhaps the main one of them is to search and monitor keywords that have to do with the business of your company. From that, they are the ones who are going to determine what content the marketing team should produce to generate even more business. In addition, the analyst has the function of on-page SEO, in which problems and opportunities are checked on the company's website, and off-page SEO, which refers to the analysis of external links related to the company's website. business. SEO analysts will analyze the market and the competition to then understand what consumers are looking for.

The wants and needs of consumers will be translated into keywords that will aid in lead conversions or sales. Choosing good SEO analysts for your content marketing team will make all the difference in your strategy. After all, they are the ones who will guarantee traffic to your company's site. Writers, designers and content managers To have a successful content marketing strategy, it is necessary to have writers, designers and a content manager responsible for the content generated by your company, according to the objectives you want to achieve. The content manager plans, executes, coordinates and supervises the entire content creation process . From the keywords selected and studied by the SEO analysts, the writers also create and execute strategies for the production of content that will be available and constantly updated on the company blog.

The contents are produced based on interviews or references, also, they must go through a review before being published. These professionals must monitor the performance of the content, controlling the metrics and measuring the results of the blog. Email Marketing Specialist It is the professional dedicated to choosing the content that will be sent to leads via email and conducting periodic email marketing campaigns . Remembering that email marketing is much more than just weekly newsletters. It is in fact a communication strategy that should be used to generate relationships and sales. The email marketing specialist must take care of the segmentation of the campaigns, create the nutrition flows, as well as configure the necessary tools to carry out the campaigns, such as Mailchimp, Weber and Get response. In addition, the email marketer needs to control metrics, mainly focused on converting conversions into sales. This professional must be a graduate in marketing or have experience of acting in the market, in accordance with the functions that we have just explained. Social Media Analyst The marketing in social networks is the basis for disclosure of most companies.

This is confirmed by the Content Trends 2016 survey, which shows that 91.7% of companies use Facebook as part of their digital marketing strategy and 47% act on Instagram, and 42% are on YouTube. In this way, your content marketing team needs a good analyst who works on social networks. It is responsible for disseminating the content of your company on social networks, increasing the interaction of the person in your business with the content produced, from planning , management, monitoring of the main strategies of your brand and trends. From the market. The social media analyst can be a graduate in social communication - journalism and advertising - or even in marketing, he must understand very well how each social network is used, even in relation to the personal profile in the networks, have good communication skills, be within of the main trends of the moment in the world and have mastery of the most important social media tools. Always remember the importance of assembling a truly trained and qualified content marketing team through well-defined selection processes: with a detailed and clear description of the vacancies; always attentive to the training and experiences of the candidates. After they are selected, it is important to always keep them well trained and continue to rate them.